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Ylvi and her Minimoomis


Ylvi the little fairy lives with her friends Naya the unicorn, the rainbow ponies Liloo and Roosy and the Minimoomis in the world of Silvana. She loves painting - preferably with rainbow colours and lots of glitter!


Naya and Ylvi are best friends. The magical unicorn never leaves Ylvi's side and enjoys every adventure she shares with the little fairy. She is especially proud of her rainbow-coloured mane and tail. Her magical horn and hooves sparkle beautifully.

Liloo & Roosy

Liloo and Roosy are little rainbow ponies and both very lovable in their own way. Roosy loves her rainbow mane as much as Liloo loves her pink and purple mane, and their special coat colours make the two ponies unmistakable.


Ylvi is very fond of these little fluffy creatures and she has taken each one of them very firmly into her heart. Each Minimoomi has its own special character: cheerful, brave, clever, shy, encouraging but also fearful.

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